U.S. Navy

A crew of 5 of us spent two days documenting Tom's life. The smaller the crew,
the more intimate the story.


A week in the life of Rex Grignon, DreamWorks' head animator. Made with some friends at BBDO,
we dug into his life and got to the core of what makes him tick.

There is a Gap

Humana's brand campaign, about our connection to one another.

The Bronzer

A short film about a traveling salesman. Stue is one of the most eccentric characters I've ever met.
The Bronzer ended up being a Vimeo Staff Pick and a hit on the festival circuit.

Special K
More Than a Number

The gang over at Leo Burnett wanted to get to the core of women's body issues.
By using hidden cameras and a clever concept, we went there.

U.S. Navy

When I got the concept to make a film about Navy Chaplains I didn't see this coming...


I traveled with Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam around the U.S. and Europe telling stories about
TED Fellows. An all time favorite campaign of mine.

The Nature Conservancy
Our Nature

We teamed up with the gifted poet Matthew Dickman and created a love letter to nature that
Jessica Chastain narrated. We shot in the Sierra's and milked every sunrise and sunset we could.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Dixons

A film about a preacher in New Jersey. Enough said.

Joe's Crab Shack
100% Shore

McCann Erickson and I took over the island of Galveston, Texas for a week, and found a cast of characters to bring to life on film.

Speed & Angeles

An award winning feature documentary about two Navy fighter pilots. This film took four years to make, many (many) days of living on a variety of Navy bases and carriers. It screened at The Smithsonian, festivals throughout the country, Discovery Channel and was Hulu’s #1 documentary. Oh, and yes,
we shot all of the aerial footage, no stock photography or CG.